Understanding Ayurvedic Body Types

London’s wellness scene is abundant with quirky fitness centres popping up, new age yoga studios on the rise and (thankfully) we’re armed with a never ending supply of healthy eateries. Yet, in the heart of Greenwich, lies a more traditional approach to wellness. Ayurveda Pura Spa was opened over 8 years ago and remains one of the top places to visit for a full wellness consultation, especially when it comes to understanding your Ayurvedic body type.

Steeped in ancient tradition, Ayurveda, meaning the science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) was born thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection. Indian gurus developed the practise, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. 

Ayurveda and sustainability - well + happy
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The spa boasts facilities for the full spread of traditional Ayurvedic treatments. From specialist herb infused oil massages, to warm oil therapies alongside a more contemporary range of beauty treatments, such as waxing and facials. Due to it’s popularity the centre also offers an Ayurvedic Academy, with workshops, diploma courses and one off events.

My recent visit however was for a one to one consultation with Dr Deepak herself, to understand more about my Ayurvedic body type. Coming from a family of 5 Yogic and Ayurvedic practitioners, Dr Deepak studied general medicine first, then went back to study the more traditional art of Ayurveda – largely she describes, because of how well they compliment each other.

Our session together lasted a little over an hour. I was taken through a very long set of questions to fully uncover my body type. With questions ranging from what I eat daily, to how I sleep, what weather I prefer and how my dental health is. Some of the questions seemed a little random and out there, but I really liked the complete 360 approach to looking fully at the body and it’s preferences.

From the responses I gave, I was told that my basic body type is Prakriti, meaning a combination of Pitta and Kapha doshas. From this Dr Deepak also provided me with a thorough treatment plan ranging from what foods act as medicine and what act as poison in my body, even detailing which foods together should be avoided… no more lemon and cucumber at the same time for me! The plan also highlights the best types of exercise, drinks, herbal supplements and even body massages which best serve to balance my doshas and overall wellness.

Ayurveda and sustainability - well + happy
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Coupling this with a very deep and thorough herbal massage, I walked away from Ayurveda Pura not just balanced and floating on air after my massage, but for once armed with knowledge about the positive changes I can make to my lifestyle adopting the Ayurvedic principles. 

And whilst avoiding melon, a real favourite of mine, won’t be an easy lifestyle adjustment to make – I’m excited to see how the changes positively impact my health and wellbeing. 

To book a one to one session, understand more about your Ayurvedic body type or even a relaxing spa treatment, head to Ayurveda Pura’s website. And be sure to share your body types and doshas with us at Well + Happy!

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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