Top 5 Sustainable Eateries in London

If you’re anything like us, finding somewhere for a bite to eat whose ethos aligns with our own, feels like it deserves a moment of celebration. When sustainability, seasonality or ethics are at the heart, you know the food will shine, and at these 5 delicious spots, shine it does! These aren’t are only favourites (we could be here for a while if we named them all) but they’re certainly at the top of our list – we hope they’ll soon be at the top of yours too.

Bon Apetit!

Well + Happy Top Sustainable Eateries Brown And Rosie
Photography: Brown & Rosie


A wonderful little coffee shop in the heart of bustling South Kensington, bringing a little piece of Australia to the cultural people of West London. They want you to think of it as your ‘third space’ – your home away from home, an office away from the actual office. Not only is ALL of their packaging 100% recyclable, but their menu changes with the seasons and the fruit and vegetables used in smoothies are completely free from preservatives.

OUR MENU PICKS: Acai bowls  |  French toast with fruit and maple syrup  |  Corn fritters with homemade labneh, farm-fresh, free-range poached egg and smashed avocado
Well + Happy Top Sustainable Eateries Tiny Leaf

Photography: Tiny Leaf


A vegetarian, organic and zero waste restaurant – the first and only in London. Their menu is shaped by surplus food donated by local food suppliers, supermarkets, distributors and retailers and their wines are all organic and biodynamic. You can even enjoy refreshing beers made from leftover bead (by Toast). Having popped up in Notting Hill, their roots are now set in the food market, Marcato Metropolitano (Borough).

OUR MENU PICKS: Breakfast Tacos with Eggs, avocado, tomato salsa, yogurt, spring onion  |  Green and Yellow Curry in golden milk with coriander and chilli
Well + Happy Top Sustainable Eateries Spring

Photography: Spring


Sitting right on the river in the cultural heart of London, Somerset house is the home of Skye Gyngell’s latest venture. A much smarter (and pricier) option but certainly worth a visit. Their menu has a strong influence by the seasons, so much so that it changes on a daily basis. With it’s whitewashed walls, marble counters, pale wooden chairs, and waiters dressed in Breton tops + white trousers the atmosphere feels as fresh as the food on the plates.

OUR MENU PICKS: Goat’s curd with avocado, swiss chard and preserved lemon  |  Wild salmon with roasted red peppers, marjoram and aioli  |  Ginger cake with gooseberries and lemon cream
Well + Happy Top Sustainable Eateries The Clerkenewell Kitchen

Photography: The Clerkenwell Kitchen


Specialising in cooking simple and well-prepared food, the ladies behind The Clerkenwell Kitchen; Emma and Laura, are “passionate about sourcing the best ingredients and building relationships with local producers using traditional methods.” Listing the origin of their ingredients on their website makes the Clerkenwell Kitchen incredibly transparent and traceable in their choices too. Stop by for breakfast for customisable porridge, granola or yogurt bowls, or indulge in sourdough toast, pastries plus lots of delicious coffee and teas.

OUR MENU PICKS: Porridge with poached seasonal fruits  |  2 slices of sourdough toast with butter / organic honey / marmite / jam / marmalade / peanut butter
Well + Happy Top Sustainable Eateries RawDuck

Photography: Rawduck


This all day-dining spot in Hackney has seasonality and the Mediterranean at its heart. Breakfasts are made up of granola, oats, middle-eastern style breads, or lots of eggs alongside homemade drinks and fermentations. At lunchtime, think pasta, salads and braises and come dinner they serve up small and large sharing plates to graze at with friends over house brewed kombucha and biodynamic wines.

OUR MENU PICKS: Labneh, charred Italian peppers, mint, sumac and sourdough  |  Roast cauliflower, spiced chickpeas, garlic yogurt, toasted almonds, soft boiled egg  |  Clams, white beans, garlic and parsley  |  Dark chocolate, almond and sea salt slab

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