Top 3 Sustainable Eateries in Surrey

London has it’s abundance of incredible places to eat, with new ones popping up every week. However born and living in Surrey, I’m always delighted to discover new eateries spread throughout the leafy suburb. These eateries all offer an incredible array of whole food, with sustainable ethics at the heart.

  1. The Duke of Wellington, East Horsley

Duke of Wellington

The Duke has an instantly warming feel, the second you walk through the doors. The pub itself is large, with a long spanning bar, ample seating and a large restaurant area, team this with a buzzing atmosphere and you have the perfect gastropub. The menus at The Duke change seasonally, with the in house chef team designing specials to suit each season.

The Duke of Wellington became part of the Peach pub group, who are an independent group of gastropubs, in 2016. Peach’s aim being to make great places, full of character and with every pub being unique; individually designed to suit the town or village, and respecting each pub’s history.

The food is incredibly well thought out, prepared and plated and you could taste the passion in their cooking. Quality ingredients were quite obviously used, ensuring the dishes were packed with whole-food flavour. The service matches the Duke’s high standards and we enjoyed  their knowledgable and accommodating approach as much as the food itself.

What we dined on: Fresh bread and olives, with the waitress kindly accommodating our gluten-free needs, seasonal pumpkin soups, sustainably sourced fish and organic veggies – all followed off with a gluten-free chocolate brownie.

Ideal for: Gatherings with friends or families, to come together and enjoy great food, great service and a fantastic atmosphere.

2. Henrys Grill, Esher


Henry’s Grill, is the second sustainable restaurant to open in Elmbridge, following in the footsteps of the popular Henry’s Kitchen in Hampton Court. The owner of Henry’s Grill, said: “It’s important that everyone does what they can to save the planet, so I wanted to create a second sustainable restaurant in the Elmbridge borough”. Henry’s Grill is a member of the “Sustainable Restaurant Association and continue to endeavour to improve on their sustainability efforts.

The restaurant’s interior walls are made from reclaimed timber from Farnham, the tables from recycled wood, the bar from recycled glass, menus will be printed on recycled paper and light fittings will be energy-saving LEDs. They also support local charity; Shooting Star Chase by donating 50p from a starter and 50p from a main course to the charity.

What we dined on: Vegetarian mezze boards, grilled haloumi salad, padron peppers – and of course their organic hot chocolate!

Ideal for: Catch up’s, couples and Sunday brunching

3. Cocoum, Hampton Court


If you’re an Indian food fan, Cocum will absolutely not disappoint. For those who enjoy authentic spicy flavours, Cocum specialise in using vegetables only – and each dish ensures your taste buds truly come alive. Cocum specialise in catering not only for veggies, but source their vegetables from local growers where possible.

We teamed our visit to Cocum with a weekend walk around the local area in Hampton, walking up an appetite, before settling down to the perfect feast.

What we dined on: Aubergine thiyal, okra ullipoo, vegetable kurukuu and sag aloo

Ideal for: Take away’s with friends and family

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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