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Mooncup - Sustainable cycle

Females: The old souls of the universe.

Our bodies have the ability to connect the spiritual and physical worlds through our reproductive organs. So it’s no coincidence that the natural rhythms of the environment are reflected in our menstrual cycle. This all sounds so romantic until the realisation of an actual period sets in.

It’s bad enough that us women have to deal with the overbearing cramps, the unwelcome red guests on our faces and feeling embarrassed by the ’shameful’ subject, but now it’s apparent that the mainstream market isn’t delivering in sustainable sanitary products.

On average, a typical woman consumes up to 17,000 sanitary pads and/or tampons in a lifetime. If a woman menstruates for an average of 38 years, this waste equates to 62,415 pounds of rubbish. This plastic rubbish is non-biodegradable and is contributing to greenhouse gases, which seems painfully ironic, as the cause has originated from a natural bodily function.

Alongside the irreversible impact that the packaging has on the environment, the cotton construction of tampons and pads contain numerous harmful toxins, that females are consciously inserting into their body monthly.

Our vaginas are extremely permeable, which both destroys bacteria and welcomes in chemicals. The pads and tampons create the perfect environment for infections to form and skin irritation to occur, which means that these products are a danger to our personal wellbeing.

In our more conscious society, it’s evident that consumers are being more mindful of what they are putting in their bodies in terms of food and diet, so it’s important that females recognise that it isn’t just the crops that are being genetically modified, it’s our sanitary products too.

However, have no fear. The mystical menstrual cup is here to change our lives in every way possible.

The menstrual cup has been a patient little product that has sat quietly on the pharmacy shelves, amongst the overwhelming choices of tampons and pads in their brightly coloured packaging. It’s time that this humble little product is recognised for the wonders it does for the body and the planet.

A menstrual cup is like your best friend. They’re reliable, always there when you need them and they understand you. The £20 price tag might put some consumers off, but you have to ask yourself how much money you will spend on tampons and pads over your lifetime, which is considerably more. The unique cup shape is engineered to work with your body, holding 3x more than a regular tampon and enabling you to wear any clothes with its discreet design. Furthermore, they are crafted from a latex free and hypoallergenic silicone, which contains no perfumes, bleaches or toxins.

Women can also rejoice in knowing that there will be no more pre menstrual panic when it comes to leaking. The days leading up your period can make you worry about when your flow may randomly start. The moon cup enables you to insert it before you start bleeding, without it absorbing any important bodily fluids like generic tampons do.

There are numerous brands on the market, which is perfect because they all provide different qualities, enabling you to decide which one is the best fit for you and your body. For example, certain brands have a higher time of protection than others and some alter slightly in the fabrication and design.

Sustainable Cycle - Well + Happy

I personally use the brand ‘Mooncup’. This brand is available in Boots and comes in two sizes for women, one for pre and post childbirth. Before going travelling, one of my closest friends sat me down and gave me a full debrief on her menstrual cup experience and urged me to buy one before I went away. The sustainable pros of the product immediately wooed me, but the practicality of just carrying this one product in my backpack for months worth of periods seduced me. The Mooncup is so discrete in its little fabric bag and takes up a small percentage of your luggage, as opposed to the obscene amount of sanitary pads and tampons I would’ve had to pack in period preparation.

In addition, the brand are proud supporters of multiple not-for-profit organisations in the UK and worldwide. These organisations aim to help less fortunate women globally, who, through natural disasters and poverty, have limited access to sanitary products. Lift the lid is an incredible project based in Kenya, specifically aimed to provide the young women of Lenana Girls High school, a cost-effective and safe way of managing their periods. Prior to their education of a moon cup and the benefits of using one, the young women were using straw, leaves, dishrags and even mud.  You can go onto the Mooncup website and check out all the amazing projects that they are working on to help our sisters all around the world. I think its important to highlight that everyone deserves an education and everyone is important.

If all this serious talk regarding genitalia and destruction of our planet is getting you down, then I urge you to watch the advert for Mooncup. There is no vibrant flashing colours and transparent motivational monologues from ‘cheerful’ women that you see on most mainstream sanitary product advertisements. Instead, the clever promotional video portrays what a real period is like in a comedic way, and it even includes a male – hoorah!

For anyone that menstruates, consider giving a cup full of hope to this innovative product. Purchasing a menstrual cup will not only benefit your purse, but also your health. And health, equals wealth.


Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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