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Zanna Van Dijk

Why Health & Wellness Is Turning Consumers Into Eco Warriors

Thanks to a multi-dimensional wellness industry, many who are into the health & wellness world, have started to turn their attention towards the health of the planet. Health & Wellness is literally turning consumers into eco warriors. We’ve spoken to a few of those eco ambassadors to find out a little more

Well + Happy Pillars of Conscious Fashion Stella McCartney

The 3 Pillars Of Conscious Fashion

We all know we need to be a little more mindful of the food we eat, but shouldn’t we be just as mindful of the clothes that we wear too? Well we certainly think so – which is why we’re bringing you our 3 pillars of conscious fashion…

Well + Happy review Back 2 Earth australia

Getaway And Give Back in NSW

A relatively new health retreat, coupled as a farm stay and animal sanctuary in NSW, Australia might just be the perfect place to getaway and give back all at the same time…