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RECIPE: I AM HEARTWARMING – Sweet Potato + Ginger Soup

Homemade soup is one of those things that my body starts to crave at this time of year – and this sweet potato + ginger soup is one of my all time favourites. I make all of my soups with my own homemade herby broth, as opposed to using stock cubes, for a superfood and supercharged base.

Liz Yoga


Join us in the New year for a powerful, intention setting, magic creating brunch club series.
Kicking off with our first event in the New Year, this is a space to bring incredible yoga, intention setting, gratitude, plant-based goodness and of course a little magic – together for a brunch club you won’t forget.

Butternut, cashew and coconut curry - easy vegan recipes

RECIPE: Butternut, Coconut and Cashew Curry

Warming curries are the perfect weekly staple go-to when the weather gets colder and the darker nights creep in. Try our thai inspired butternut, coconut and cashew curry, for a mid week Winter warmer.

Well + Happy: review bali liz jacobs yoga retreat

A little touch of Bali magic

There is something about the energy in Bali which is truly indescribable. You have to feel it to know, it feels a little like magic in the air. Heading there for the ultimate yoga retreat is a must for every energy seeker.