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Ayurveda and sustainability - well + happy

Understanding Ayurvedic Body Types

London’s wellness scene is abundant with new fitness centres popping up, new age yoga studios on the rise and (thankfully) we’re armed with never ending healthy eateries. Yet, in the heart of Greenwich, lies a more traditional approach to wellness. Ayurveda Pura Spa was opened over 8 years ago and remains one of the top places to visit for a full wellness consultation, especially when it comes to understanding your Ayurvedic body type.

Well + Happy Rise Of The Conscious Brand Toms

The Rise Of The Conscious Brand

The industry of wellness, started as a trend in most capitals – and for some, it’s only just beginning. Many big cities now, are moving ‘wellness’ further into the lifestyle category. Consumers are learning to adopt wellness principles which are now naturally forming part of their daily lifestyle choices. And so the movement continues to cement.