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Workshop: 2018 Balance Your Energy – Half Day Retreat

We can fall victim too often to the notion of ‘being busy’, it’s often a default response for many when asked how they are. And frustratingly it can become a stuck state we find ourselves repeating, with little time to actually do the things we really want to do.
So why not offer yourself a little time back on a Sunday afternoon with our balance your energy workshop. Increase your resilience and to learn powerful ways to transform your ‘busy-ness’ into something far more positively charged.


WORKSHOP: 2018 Intention Setting + Ceremonial Cacao

Join DL Yoga and Well + Happy for a 2018 Intention setting workshop. Teaming an uplifting asana practise,, Ceremonial cacao – served in its traditional way, plant-based food to ground and nourish and guided meditations to ground and centre your intentions.