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Green Farm

Visiting the Eco Abundant – Green Farm, Kent

Sometimes, it’s those hidden gems, that upon discovery, surprise and delight you. Green Farm – Kent, does just this. A space which is eco abundant, full of charm and just a short stop out of town for the ideal and very blissful, battery re-charge…

Well + Happy Rise Of The Conscious Brand Table Layout

How To Spot Greenwashing

Now more than ever, people are willing to pay for environmentally friendly products and large companies are seeing this trend, the problem is though, how do you know if what they are selling is truly green or eco-friendly?

Zanna Van Dijk

Why Health & Wellness Is Turning Consumers Into Eco Warriors

Thanks to a multi-dimensional wellness industry, many who are into the health & wellness world, have started to turn their attention towards the health of the planet. Health & Wellness is literally turning consumers into eco warriors. We’ve spoken to a few of those eco ambassadors to find out a little more