Sustainable Coffee Guide: South West

The South West might be out on a limb to some. Compared to the likes of London and the North, where cities are clustered much closer together, there’s somewhat of a revolution going on in this part of the UK. Local coffee roasters are in abundance across the region, as they aim to accommodate the increasing number of independent coffee shops that want to source sustainable coffee locally and support the wider network of environmental and ethical efforts.

Bristol is the largest city in the South West, so it’s no surprise that it houses the most coffee roasters in the area. The city has seen a boom in coffee shops opening, but particularly of the independent kind; so much so, that one café has often turned into two or three for some, due to the success they’ve had here. And whilst other towns and cities are significantly smaller, they have also been steadily joining the movement.

Extract Coffee Roasters - Well + Happy
Extract Coffee Roasters

Extract Coffee Roasters – Bristol
Nine years ago, this company started out roasting their coffee in a garden shed. They’ve moved twice over the years, but are now based in the heart of Bristol. They source their coffee ethically and responsibly from farmers around the world and you can really sense that a lot of love and care goes into the whole process. They have a passion for bringing the people of their own local community together, which in turn supports those where they source their coffee from.

What we love: Their coffee notes and packaging vibrancy, take a look here.

Roasted Rituals - Well + Happy
Tradewind Espresso Cafe, Bristol – stockist of Roasted Rituals Coffee

Roasted Rituals – Bristol
Established in 2012, after travelling all four corners of the globe in search of the perfect cup, this company know a thing or two about coffee. Their small batch method means that no more than a few kilos of beans are roasted at a time, which they believe brings out the exceptional characters of their coffee. The sourcing is equally important to them, so they work directly with farmers to produce a sustainable product, that contributes to the welfare and initiatives of farming communities.

What we love: The attention to detail and abundance of coffee learning you can discover on their site, have a read.

Clifton Coffee - Well + Happy
Clifton Coffee

Clifton Coffee Roasters – Bristol
Although this company started out in 2001, servicing espresso machinery, it wasn’t until 2013 that they decided to branch out into coffee roasting and invest in their own in-house roastery. They source directly from producers across the globe, not only to improve the quality of their coffee, but to also provide clarity around the relationship between the grower and the consumer. They ensure they visit suppliers, no matter where they’re located, at least yearly, so that they can continue to strengthen the relationships they’ve built.

What we love: Their brew guides and video how to’s – watch here

Easy Jose - Well + Happy
Easy Jose

Easy Jose – Bath, UK
Founded in 2012 by a man named Jose – who regularly travels around the UK leading events, workshops and stage demos- the motivation of this brand is led by a purpose that reaches beyond profit. The sourcing process is just as important as the finished product, and the company believes in equal treatment and fair prices across all aspects of the business. Each cup must be nothing short of perfect and create a memorable experiences for the drinker, while Jose himself is responsible for each seasonal blend they introduce.

What we love: They limit their client book, to focus on bespoke and excellent service – now that’s passion.

South West Origin Coffee - Well + happy
Harbour Head cafe, Porthleven – Stockist of Origin Coffee

Origin Coffee – Helston, Cornwall
As one of the largest coffee roasters in Cornwall, supplying coffee across the South West and beyond, Origin certainly make outstanding coffee. Not only does it taste fantastic, but their approach to sourcing their coffee comes from a place of real ethical nature. They trade directly with suppliers, and commit to paying at least over 50% and above Fairtrade prices, without exception. They also enjoy sharing the stories behind each cup with their drinkers, which covers various continents and cultures.

What we love: You can find it in London too! See their locations here.

Whilst this is just a short summary of some of the best local roasters in the South West, We’d recommend browsing the South West Independent Coffee Guide, to see which coffee shops are showcasing them. Then all you need to do is head along, sample some of these excellent coffees and support sustainably sourced with every sip.

And fear not if that’s too far to travel, thankfully the above roasters all have online shops too!

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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