How To Set A Life-Changing Intention

Are you using the power of intention setting to help you get closer to where you would like to be in life? Delve deeper into your personal growth and development using the power of curiosity…

Our everyday lives work from a place of intention. A lot of our daily actions and achievements occur without us even taking the time to consider that we are responsible for making them happen. Take brushing your teeth or making your breakfast as an example – would they have happened had you not set an intention to do so?

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What we fail to see sometimes, is that even the bigger more daunting elements of our lives – big transformations such as changing jobs, starting a business and entering into a new relationship – they all have to begin with an intention.

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘one day I will…’, ‘if only I could….’, ‘I would love to….’? And yet, we seem to become disappointed when these things don’t occur. But have you actually set an intention to enable it to happen? Have you actually stated what it is you want and looked at the next step you could take to achieve it?

Often the changes we wish to make in our lives feel so totally out of our depth that fear and doubts block us before we even dare to believe it could become a reality, and this is why so many of us fall at the first hurdle. We look at the daunting prospect of ‘how’ and assume that it is not possible for us.

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As humans, we are designed to grow and evolve and when we are not doing so, we tend to become anxious and worried, down hearted and numb – on the other hand – we have a survival instinct so taking risks and moving out of our comfort zones tends to be against our natural instincts. This is especially hard when moving into the unknown.

The visions aren’t always clear – and if they are – they may feel very far away at first. Without clarity you will find it very hard to set tangible intentions.

Whether it is in your work life, your business or personal lifestyle, using the following questions can help you find the focus you need to set a meaningful intention…

1)       How do you want to feel?  Think about the emotions and feelings you want to experience every day. What feelings would make you feel fulfilled and ‘on purpose’?

2)       What actions will help you feel this way? It may be something you do now, something you did in the past, or even something you have never done. What practical things can you do that will enable you to experience these feelings?

3)       What is blocking you from feeling this way right now? This is where you can get clear on the things that you feel are in your way to enable you to explore what it is that is keeping you from this fulfillment. De-cluttering these blocks will help you to see if they are true restrictions or old belief patterns.

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By switching your intention to a feeling, rather than a ‘physical thing’, you can start to make progress towards that dream or vision right away. You can start to live your life according to that feeling. The ‘how’ begins to feel less of a road block, because can can clearly feel that it is possible.

So what is the very first step you can take to work towards experiencing this feeling more in your life? What can you do right now that shows you that it is possible?

There is your first life-changing intention.

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