Join me for The Bali Detox Retreat; a beautiful week of Yoga in the Jungles of Ubud, teamed with the most magical energy, plant-based food and the Bali Spirit Festival to celebrate.

The D E T O X week will take rituals and practices that are rooted in uplifting and celebrating Spring, beautiful food, Water Purifications, Yoga practices, adventures.

Two Yoga Classes Per Day and body work (massage) every nights.
All these will be guided in Elemental models of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space


March 28th – April 4th 2018

What you can expect

You will be collected from the Airport and life at Villa Selat becomes a dream after that. Flights are carefully planned so that you can make the most of your extra day.

This week is about the Subtle Body and connecting back to the Nature, we are living in the Jungle, practising in the jungle, have an open air Spa where body work is performed under the moon and starts. You will have 8 hrs of sleep, early Sunrise practices and incredibly good food tailored this year to your own constitution.​

Liz Yoga

Who’s there

+ Liz Jacobs; renowned yoga teacher and incredible human. Liz holds space for the group, mentors, guides and advises, as well as helping you to deepen your practise and maximise your time there amongst the magic.
+ Chelsea Parsons; serving you a week of plant-based food, happy tummy delights and beautiful creations to make you smile… and a few extra surprises too.
+ The Villa Selat dream team, on hand to literally make your whole experience that little bit more special – you just wait and see!

Well + Happy Beautiful Bowl of Food

The food

Encouraging a diet that is predominantly plant-based, organic, and authentic to Bali, using local product, and sharing healthy, nutritious light meals that will become part of your detox and purification week in a fun, nurturing and healthy way.


Villa Selat is a Luxury Villa tucked away in the Jungles of Ubud, specifically towards Gianyar. The Familly run Villa is an experience on its own, and expect 12 staff to 9 students everyday serving on you and caring for your well being. When I say care for you well being, I mean, truly care. Mind, Body and Soul. Accommodation is shared, in Jungle facing rooms, with un suite bathrooms, fridges, tea stations, walk in cupboards, turned over sheets, Egyptian cotton and fresh fruit daily with purified water being replenished. Your entire week will be about looking after You.

Yoga Retreat

Surrounding areas

You are 20min outside Ubud with a driver to your disposal any time you want to head into the hustle and bustle.

Local Waterfalls, Bicycle rides, Rice field walks and visits to Water Temples, and Ceremonies are all included and available to the week of Adventures.

We will be heading to Ida Resi, a friend of the Villa and the High Priestess on the island that performs a beautiful purification ceremony trough Holy Water that is blessed, known as Melukat.

We will be heading to deep into the Jungle for Waterfalls and beautiful photography of memories captured of doing your own Water Ceremony.


What’s included?

+Transfers to and from Denpasar airport
+Daily guided nature walks to waterfalls and surrounding rice fields
+ Transportation for excursions, your own trips to and from Ubud, visits to all spiritual healers & temples.
+ Adventure to the Beach, Waterfall & Hike up Mt Batur (weather permitting)
+ All Your Plantbased, Vegetarian Meals
+ Complimentary fresh fruit & snacks
+ Coffee & Herbal teas
+ All superfood smoothies
Filtered water, fresh, cold pressed juices
+ Special Dinner in Ubud

YOGA, Water Purifications & BODY TREATMENTS
+ 2 yoga classes each day
+ Introduction to two Balinese paranormal healers
+ Water Purification Ceremony with High Priestess Ida Resi
+ 1 hour Balinese massages
+ 1 hour massage with Pak Made
Free Wi-Fi

Its an unforgettable week, and you have time to join the Bali Spirit Festival in your own time, and plan to remain on the weekend when the festival ends, your week is set for the best of both worlds. I solitude week of contemplation and meditation, and also sharing it with the rest of the world at one of the famous Yoga Festivals.

Get in touch to reserve your spot, you don’t want to miss this years Bali Magic!
(just 4 spaces remain)

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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