RECIPE: I AM HEARTWARMING – Sweet Potato + Ginger Soup

Main ingredients: 6
Seasoning ingredients: 5
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 50 minutes
Makes: 4 bowls

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Homemade soup is one of those things that my body starts to crave at this time of year – and this sweet potato + ginger soup is one of my all time favourites.

I make all of my soups with my own homemade herby broth, as opposed to using stock cubes. Stock cubes are great, especially if you can make your own, but there’s something incredible about creating your own herb infused magic, which not only flavours soup really well, but also creates a superfood and supercharged base. Stock is great for adding flavour, but usually due to how hyper processed stock cubes are, they’re devoid of herby superpowers.

Herbs are some of natures most abundant superfoods, so use them often! This recipe infuses a broth of turmeric, ginger, coriander and cumin – offering a powerhouse of antioxidants and properties such as; anti-inflammatory, digestion easing, lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system and antibacterial… to name just a few.

Teaming the herb broth, with sweet roasted potatoes, immune boosting onion + garlic and a generous dollop of almond butter, I’m sure you’ll join me in this being one of your favourite soups of the year.


What you’ll need:
+ 3 cups filtered water
+ 1 red onion
+ 2 cloves garlic
+ 1/2 tin coconut milk (200ml)
+ 2 large sweet potatoes (500g)
+ 1 heaping tbsp almond butter (the secret ingredient)
+ 3 tbsp fresh grated ginger
+ 2 tbsp fresh coriander
+ 2 tbsp dried cumin
+ 2 tbsp dried turmeric
+ 3 tbsp cider vinegar
+ Generous pinch of salt and pepper
+ Optional garnish: chopped walnuts, flaked almonds, pumpkin seeds, rapeseed oil
+ A little love

How to make:
Start by chopping your sweet potatoes into cubes and popping them in the oven to roast for 30-40 minutes until they’re soft and ready to eat.

Chop and lightly fry off your onion and garlic, until they’re both tender and browned and set to one side.

Whilst the sweet potato is cooking, make your soup ‘broth’, by adding your 3 cups of filtered water to a saucepan and adding the grated ginger, herbs – coriander, cumin, turmeric, salt + pepper and cider vinegar. Slowly bring to the boil and allow to simmer. This infuses your water with the herbs and creates a great base for your soup. Ideal, especially if you don’t have – or wish to use stock cubes. Whilst cooking – infuse with positive vibes!

Once the sweet potato is cooked, bring it out of the oven and add it to a blender, along with your onion and garlic mix. Then add in the coconut milk and almond butter, along with a splash of water to help blend. Pop the lid on the blender and give this mix a few pulses, so you have a chunky puree type consistency. The almond butter adds such incredible flavour to the soup and really finishes it off!

Then pour on your herby broth and blend again until smooth.

Serve and garnish with chopped nuts, seeds and a splash of rapeseed oil. (garnish optional)

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Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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