How to Manifest with the Full Moon

Full moon in pisces

I’ve long been involved in a deep and committed relationship to the moon. I mean she’s just too powerful, to giving and too beautiful not to get involved with right?!

In case you hadn’t felt it already, it was a huge and powerful full moon in Pisces last night. After a crazy summer, with several planetary retrogrades and a lot of energy shifting, it’s definitely left many of us feeling confused, unsure and a little wobbly in decision making. However last nights magical and deep-souled moon was a big turning point for many of these emotions. The Pisces moon has a big focus in on manifestation and in bringing our dreams to reality. So it’s a crazy good time today to continue thinking about everything you do wish to manifest and bring into your life over the next couple of months.

I certainly feel a heavy weighted feeling has lifted. I feel a little less confused about my decision making and 10000% a whole lot more motivated today than I have felt for many weeks. I feel lighter and brighter and excited to spend the day focusing on my manifestations.

If you haven’t spent any time with the moons energy yet, here are some beautiful things you can do to start to align a little more closely with the lunar energy…

RELEASE: Write down everything you want to release and let go of. Be it fear of failure, lack of self-love or just even past relationships. Get it all down on pen and paper. Nothing is too silly, big or heavy – you can choose to release it all.

LET IT GO: Burn it, throw it away, do whatever feels good – but mostly – let it go! This act allows new energy into your space. I love the ritual of burning what I want to let go of. Seeing what you want to release going up in smoke is pretty deep and symbolic.

DREAM: Have a deep contemplative think about what you want to bring into your world in the coming weeks, months and even year. Spend some time thinking about what it looks like. Dream it, visualise it, feel it.

AFFIRM IT: Write out your dreams as positive affirmations – sentences that proclaim that you already have what you desire e.g. “I am in a loving, passionate and fulfilling relationship” or “Money comes easily and frequently to me”

MANIFEST: Carve out a little ritual for yourself. This is my favourite part. You could spend some time meditating and visualising your new reality, or perhaps light some candles and create a vision board. You might decide to get together with a friend and discuss your manifestations together – or work on a piece of art that reflects your wishes. When it comes to positive rituals, anything goes.

Then it’s time to just trust. Often the hardest part to do, but when you do, you let the lunar magic take over and work her special energy.

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.


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