Eleven Questions: With Holly Allenby, Founder Of The Acey

Founder of the Acey - Holly Allenby - Well + Happy

Holly Allenby – The Acey

We caught up with Holly Allenby, Founder of The Acey, for Eleven questions. Holly shared with us a little bit more about her story, the ethos behind the brand and who inspires her. The Acey is an online space for women to discover clothing, which is consciously created by brands with both integrity and innovation. 

1. What makes The Acey unique? 

The Acey sources the best contemporary womenswear designers, who are creating with a conscience. Unique to us is The Acey’s particular take on what “ethical fashion” can mean – our brands approach this in a multitude of ways, from using innovative sustainable fabrics, to fair labour practices, to transparency. Importantly, everything we stock does this without compromising on aesthetics. Clothing isn’t sustainable if nobody wants to wear it.

2. Why did you start it?

I wanted to create an elevated environment for ethical clothing, showing women that clothing made with a conscience can be relevant aesthetically, as well as ethically. My main goal was to reinvent the stigma around ethical fashion.  

3. Whats your purpose?

I’m really passionate about there being no sacrifice on style simply because something is created sustainably. I’m driven to discover brands that are creating with a minimal social and environmental footprint.


Holly Allenby Founder Of THE ACEY
Holly Allenby – The Acey

4. Why is sustainability an important aspect to the fashion world?

The fashion industry is speeding up dramatically, especially in the last decade as products become easier to buy 24/7. Everything has to be made faster and cheaper and in turn we are compromising earth and the society. The fashion industry simply needs to slow down.  

“I’ve always been inspired by my old boss Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes, whose motto is Start Something That Matters – this phrase stays with me.”

5. What is your current favourite piece you love to wear?

I love my Scottish knit Acey turtleneck sweater. I live in it – either with my jeans or upcycled leather skirt and tights.

6. What do you think is next in the world of sustainable fashion?

I believe the industry will adapt to more sustainable processes. High street brands are recognising the importance of paying attention to sustainability, and while I have mixed feelings about the larger impact of this move, narrowly it does push innovation in materials and processing to have big companies interested. 

7. How and where are your products sourced?

We stock sustainable brands from all over the world and each have their own unique way of making. We have, however, just launched our own collection of Acey dresses which were all designed, cut and sewn just round the corner from our East London studio. I’m a big believer in reducing our carbon footprint whilst creating the best possible product and this was made achievable by manufacturing locally, as we were able to be present every step of the way and reduce our impact by not flying fabrics, fastenings etc half way round the world.


The Acey - Well + Happy Eleven Questions
The Acey pop-up shop , Netil House

8. What do not a lot of people realise about the industry you’re in, but they really should? 

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide!! This gets me each time, how can clothing cause such harm?

9. What other businesses do you draw inspiration from?

I love how Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia runs his business by giving his employees so much flexibility and in turn authority. I’ve always been inspired by my old boss Blake Mycoskie of Tom’s Shoes, whose motto is Start Something That Matters – this phrase stays with me.

10. What trait, thing or act do you judge the most and why?

Always treat people how you’d like to be treated, my mum taught me this from a young age. I stick to it and take note of people that don’t.

11. What is your definition of success?

A sense of content.

Check out the collection and the new Autumnal arrivals, over at The Acey.

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