Daily Gratitude Practice Will Change Your Perspective on Life

Well + Happy: Daily Gratitude Practice Will Change Your Perspective on Life

Photography: PixabayWhen people talk about practicing gratitude, everyone’s reaction is different. Some people find it a nonsensical thing to do, while others find it life-changing in so many ways.

For me, it was the latter. I can honestly admit that I underestimated the power of practicing gratitude, until I committed to doing it daily for one week and saw the way it changed my whole perspective on life.

The key to successfully practicing gratitude is not to put too much pressure on yourself or expect miracles after doing so. Instead, it’s about taking time out to celebrate the wonders in your life, whether big or small, and lessen your grip over less meaningful aspects of life.

I took time out for myself a couple of months ago and spent a week at a yoga and health retreat in Spain. It was the perfect space to tune in to my emotions and reconnect with myself after months of neglect. At the end of each morning yoga practice, we sat with our eyes closed in a subtle meditative state, and repeated five things we were grateful for in life – that we could take forward into our day.

To give you an idea, some of my examples were: the excitement I have for breakfast outside this morning, how fortunate I am to have the legs and arms to practice yoga fully, the beautiful relationship that I have with my mother, the gorgeous mountainous view that is in front of me, the fact I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head, the fact I have arms and legs – and eyes and a nose, my beautiful red hair – that makes me wonderfully unique.

What’s amazing, is that the things we mention when we practice gratitude usually come from deep within – because we are forced to think outside the box. Each day that you practice, new things will come to mind. These will also be dependent on what each day might bring, proving that there is so much to be grateful for in your life.

Grateful Well + Happy
Photography: Pexels

We can be so focused on our jobs, how much money we earn, how many friends we have or whether we are beautiful enough, but ultimately those desires are materialistic. By turning our attention to what is directly around us and what’s important to us, we can start to feel gratitude for the things that lie at the heart of our wellbeing; the things that keep us centred and grounded.

Take a moment right now and ask yourself, what you are grateful for today?

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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