Copenhagen is the city on most frequent travellers must-see lists, especially if you’re a foodie. The picturesque destination is not only littered with colourful buildings and exceptionally good coffee hangs – but the food scene is erupting – and boy do they do it well. Check out our top recommended places to go eat, drink and hang whilst in Copenhagen.

Souls Cph


Located in Osterbro, just north of Copenhagen city centre, Souls is a laid back Australian-inspired eatery. Made up of cobblestone streets and green spaces it seems like the perfect spot for Souls’ relaxed vibe, and despite being so close to the city centre, Osterbro still manages to feel like a cosy little neighbourhood.

With it’s plant-based menu (a given since it was founded by Denmark’s best vegan chef alongside two Aussie’s) they work hard, and succeed at, putting the soul back into food – and if you thought a salad meant watery leaves with the odd tomato, you’d be proven very wrong here. Portions are generous and add-ins are chunky and substantial. We visited for lunch and worked our way through their sweet potato salad with a delicious cashew curry dressing, the broccoli-olive salad with salty capers and tangy pickled onion and the supreme salad served with a tofu steak – that was full of flavour. Whatever you do, don’t forget to order extra hummus – thick, creamy and perfect for dunking!

Location: Melchiors Plads 3. 2100

Booking: Book online for indoor seating only, there’s covered seating outside too, walk-ins also welcome

Grod Cph

Translating to literally mean porridge – it would be a surprise if the “Groed” here wasn’t something special. You can rest safe in the knowledge that the humble bowl of oats is something else, and since they were the first porridge bar to open in Copenhagen, that seems to make sense, right? The menu at Groed (pronounced gr-ou-ll) is inspired by the seasons, so apples and pears were sitting happy on the menu this November. Although toppings are seasonal you can still find the age old favourites – think peanut butter, skyr or vegan yogurt, cacao nibs, caramel sauce, or their house made granola. And if you really can’t decide what toppings to choose, you can go all-in and top your bowl with everything!!

However, just because porridge is their thing, they don’t just stick to the humble oat and milk combo. Expect to find oats cooked with quinoa and chia seeds or go a little modern and ditch the oats entirely for their creamy chia porridge with almond milk and acai powder. If you’re there for lunch or dinner and prefer something a little more savoury, you can tuck into hearty red lentil daal, risotto, or creamy rice porridge. Don’t forget to grab a raw coc-oat bite for afters too.

We tucked ourselves into the cafe located in Jaegersborggade, it’s pretty cosy with low ceilings, dim lights and lots of candles adorning the tables – very hygge! You can also find a locations closer to the centre of town, and with 5 locations across the capital, there’s really no excuse not to get you Groed fix.

Location: Jaegersborggade, Torvehallerne, Aarhus, Great Vesterbrogade, Frederiksberg

Booking: walk-in policy, but they do offer takeaway in all of their locations if you can’t grab a seat

Califoooornia Kitchen


Transport yourself to the warmer climates and sunnier lands of California, in Copenhagen’s California Kitchen. Serving up buddha bowl style meals alongside palm trees and wood panelled walls – it’s a wonderful refuge from the cold streets of the city. Walking (or cycling, duh we’re in Copenhagen) by it’s hard not to miss the sunshine logo, that juts out from the wall; and with the bare brick walls, high ceilings, photographs of the sunshine state rested atop white-washed wood, and cacti sitting proud on every table – you’d be forgiven if you forgot you were in Denmark’s capital.

Each bowl is built on the same framework – they start with a base of quinoa or rice, pile on a protein (think chicken, or tofu, or edamame beans), load up with veggies (like teriyaki mushrooms, broccoli or avocado) and finished with seeds, dressing and something tangy (like pickled onions or kimchi). There for dinner? Enjoy a chilled beer with your bowl. Stopping by for lunch? Pick up a bottle of kombucha, or grab a glass and help yourself from the kombucha tap (aesthetically disguised as a Smeg fridge, of course!) Choosing what to eat is pretty challenging as menu is full of great options – but the staff and chilled, laid back, friendly, and even offer tasters if you can’t make up your mind! Only a hop skip and a jump from Copenhagen’s most central station Norreport, you’d be mad not to pop by at least once in your trip.

Location: Nørrebrogade 12, 2200

Booking: walk-in policy

Photo: Good Eatings


A tiny little spot hidden on the back streets, away from the hustle and bustle of the main roads, and with only a handful of high wooden tables, Hope is a seasonal, homemade, plant-based gem. The menu here is small, but when it’s this good, it needn’t be big. Breakfast and brunch is served with berry-filled smoothie bowls, made creamy with avocado, tangy with yogurt and green with spirulina; or go big and choose their brunch plate; loaded with grilled sweet potato fries, hummus and guacamole, and a black berry smoothie topped with crunchy granola (perfect if you fancy a little bit of everything!) Juices are not to be overlooked here either. Made fresh to order, and not loaded with fruit, their menu is creative, generous and delicious. We sipped on their Iron Woman juice, packed with beetroot and lots of fiery ginger. If you’re stopping by for lunch they’re big on the sandwiches that they cram full of veggies. Plus; their little homemade and rustic, raw vegan snickers bars are the perfect end to any meal at Hope.

Location: LARSBJØRNSSTRÆDE 7, 1454

Booking: walk-in policy



Famous throughout Copenhagen (and dare I say, the world!) The Coffee Collective serve up coffee with soul. Although we didn’t seem to drink one bad cup of coffee anywhere in the city – the stuff they serve here is next level. Forget bean to bar chocolate (only for a second though) the coffee here is prided on being bean to cup, since they work had to support the farmers who grow the beans they serve throughout Copenhagen. If that’s not sustainable, I don’t know what is. Put simply, and in their words; coffee quality is brought about in three links: farmer, roaster, and barista. We work hard to make sure these three links collaborate. We couldn’t agree more. We warmed ourselves up with black filter coffees, which were probably some of the smoothest and most delicate coffee’s we been lucky enough to drink. If it wasn’t for the caffeine, we probably would’ve gone back for seconds (maybe thirds too).

The Coffee Collective couldn’t be paid tribute to without mentioning their coffee kombucha in the same breath. How could we leave without taking a bottle home? We’ll let you make up your own mind as to what you think of this concoction when you stop by – just whatever you do, open the bottle slowly! The fizz is real…

Location: Bernikow, Jaegersborggade, Godthabsvej, Torvehallerne!

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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