City Guide: Budapest, Hungary

Forget the grey weather and chunky knits, there is still time to bag a mini vacation and you could even pack that bikini too. With thermal baths, breathtaking architecture and the most amazing city views, Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

Budapest City Guide Well + Happy
Photography: Agnes Troszt


Budapest is one of the best places to explore on foot. Start at the Museum of Fine Arts, where you will find masterpieces from Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish and Italian masters. Then walk through Heroes Square, a football field sized square, featuring monuments of the seven founders of Hungary. Head over to House of Terror Museum, a truly vivid and shaking experience showcasing the atrocities and terror people had to endure under the Nazi and Communist rule. 

After this experience, you might fancy some fresh air, so head for a stroll nearby and enjoy the sights of the National Opera House, the Parliament and St Stephen Basilica. If you have time, get lost in the 7th district and discover the Jewish heritage.

If activity is a must for you, head out on a hike. Climb up through the cobbled streets and enjoy the breathtaking sight of Pest and the Danube at the Fishermen’s Bastion (Halászbástya). Upon exiting, Matthias Church sits on the right, founded by St Stephen, the first King of Hungary.


The capital is famous for its thermal waters and communal baths. Locals phrase this slightly sulphurous smelling water for its natural healing properties, especially those who struggle with joint pain. If you want the best, try Gellért Fürdö and admire its beautiful architecture whilst enjoying a dip.

The Danube splits the city into Buda + Pest and there are regular ferry rides along the river. Hop on one and enjoy the city views. Get off at Chain Bridge, (Lánchid), one of the 12 bridges in the city, & cross on foot towards the Parliament. 

Off the beaten track tip: The old townhouses host hidden courtyards and mesmerising stair cases. Try to sneak in to see one of them. 

Budapest City Guide Well + Happy Magazine
Photography: Agnes Troszt


Vaczi street is the main shopping street of the capital, packed with high street and designer brands alike. If you are after more quirky things then head towards the 7th district, where you will find hidden gems such as Printa. It’s a designer shop and art gallery, selling hand made pieces from local artists. Foodies, head over to Central Hall Market if you want to experience the Hungarian Borough Market. 


A hole in the wall, Juicy, is a tiny, raw and cold pressed juice bar, which is a must visit when in Budapest. Here you can pick up a chia pudding, energy balls and you guessed it, a bottle of cold pressed juice. Our favourite is their beauty elixir made with pomegranate, lime, ginger & honey. Be warned, it is as strong as it sounds. 

Just couple of doors down there is Konyha. The menu changes daily and offers plenty of vegetarian & vegan options. Digital nomads, this is your spot if you want to work for couple of hours, as the space offers free wifi and big sharing tables in the upstairs mezzanine. Or you can just choose to hygee here for hours and watch the world go by… the ultimate mini-break meditation.

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