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The rise in sustainable practices means that we’re all consciously questioning our purchases. Desiring to know where things come from, how they’re produced and most importantly what impact it all has on our environment. Yet did you know that your jewellery all has a sustainability story attached to it? Do you know where that ring on your finger comes from, or how that beautiful charm necklace you love to team with your favourite dress was made… and by whom? The sustainable jewellery industry is on a fast growth journey, which, when you take even the smallest of dives into the world of jewellery ethics, is an incredibly positive thing.

Mel Wells for Well + Happy

Eleven Questions: With Mel Wells, Author Of The Goddess Revolution

We caught up with Mel Wells, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of ‘The Goddess Revolution’, for Eleven questions. She is Hay House’s youngest author and dedicates her time to helping women worldwide. Mel shared her story with us and what inspired her to start the goddess revolution, how she spends most of her time and some exciting things she has in store for 2018.

Holly Allenby Founder Of THE ACEY

Eleven Questions: With Holly Allenby, Founder Of The Acey

We caught up with Holly Allenby, Founder of The Acey, for Eleven questions. Holly shared with us a little bit more about her story, the ethos behind the brand and who inspires her. The Acey is an online space for women to discover clothing, which is consciously created by brands with both integrity and innovation.