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Green Farm

Visiting the Eco Abundant – Green Farm, Kent

Sometimes, it’s those hidden gems, that upon discovery, surprise and delight you. Green Farm – Kent, does just this. A space which is eco abundant, full of charm and just a short stop out of town for the ideal and very blissful, battery re-charge…


Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

As we edge closer towards the the Winter chill, organised shoppers are starting to get rather well prepared for this years festive season. But with conscious consumerism on the rise, shoppers are seeking gifts with purpose and passion.

Well + Happy Rise Of The Conscious Brand Table Layout

How To Spot Greenwashing

Now more than ever, people are willing to pay for environmentally friendly products and large companies are seeing this trend, the problem is though, how do you know if what they are selling is truly green or eco-friendly?

Natural Wine - Well and Happy

The Truth About Natural Wine

It’s no surprise that natural wine is no longer just a buzz word, but seems it’s firmly here to stay. Whether you’re into health + wellness and organic produce as a whole – or just into drinking wine in general, natural wine is one thing you’ll want to be in on the know about…

Mel Wells for Well + Happy

Eleven Questions: With Mel Wells, Author Of The Goddess Revolution

We caught up with Mel Wells, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of ‘The Goddess Revolution’, for Eleven questions. She is Hay House’s youngest author and dedicates her time to helping women worldwide. Mel shared her story with us and what inspired her to start the goddess revolution, how she spends most of her time and some exciting things she has in store for 2018.