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Positive Affirmations can be used as a powerful tool, to help shift our mindset from one that is focusing on the negative, to one that is focusing on the positive. But how do they work? They’re essentially just our language of the brain…

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The rise in sustainable practices means that we’re all consciously questioning our purchases. Desiring to know where things come from, how they’re produced and most importantly what impact it all has on our environment. Yet did you know that your jewellery all has a sustainability story attached to it? Do you know where that ring on your finger comes from, or how that beautiful charm necklace you love to team with your favourite dress was made… and by whom? The sustainable jewellery industry is on a fast growth journey, which, when you take even the smallest of dives into the world of jewellery ethics, is an incredibly positive thing.

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Understanding Ayurvedic Body Types

London’s wellness scene is abundant with new fitness centres popping up, new age yoga studios on the rise and (thankfully) we’re armed with never ending healthy eateries. Yet, in the heart of Greenwich, lies a more traditional approach to wellness. Ayurveda Pura Spa was opened over 8 years ago and remains one of the top places to visit for a full wellness consultation, especially when it comes to understanding your Ayurvedic body type.

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The Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Cleaning products can contaminate our skin and our food via the surfaces we use them on. But when it comes to knowing what to use, the eco friendly scene is still such a sketchy area, especially with so much greenwashing on the shelves. So I’ve done the hard work for you and explored as many of these brands as I could (my house has never been so clean!) So I’ve shared the best eco friendly cleaning products with you all.


Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

As we edge closer towards the the Winter chill, organised shoppers are starting to get rather well prepared for this years festive season. But with conscious consumerism on the rise, shoppers are seeking gifts with purpose and passion.

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How To Spot Greenwashing

Now more than ever, people are willing to pay for environmentally friendly products and large companies are seeing this trend, the problem is though, how do you know if what they are selling is truly green or eco-friendly?