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GlutenFree Bread Well + Happy

RECIPE: I AM WHOLE: Gluten Free Seed Bread

Bread making can often be a lot of work, but our recipe for this tasty Gluten-Free Seed Bread is super simple – no kneading required and it toasts well too. Why not try out our delicious gut-loving loaf?

Vegan Soul Bowl 3

RECIPE: Spicy Vegan Soul Bowl

This recipe, with spicy flavour-filled rice, teamed with the smoky sweet potatoes and sticky char-grilled vegetables, makes the ultimate spicy vegan soul bowl. A simple meal for any night of the week, when you desire to cook something quick and easy, but still packed with flavour and goodness.

Well + Happy - Apple and Berry Crumble Recipe, Photography: Chelsea Parsons

RECIPE: Apple + Berry Crumble

A seasonal favourite, that also works as an all-year-round classic. This healthy twist on the classic apple crumble will definitely have you going back for seconds.

Well + Happy Sustainable Vegan Quiche recipe


Say hello to the ultimate vegan quiche – a recipe, which despite taking very little time and being super easy to master, is so good that you will wonder why it took you so long to give it a go!