The 101 Guide To Natural Beauty – Part 3

Ok Wild Spirits, we’ve talked about the beauty betrayers and the top tips for making the switch to organic beauty, so now let’s dive deep on all of the juicy details in my guide to natural beauty and why it really does work!

Becky Crisp - Well + Happy - Guide to Natural Beauty
Photography: Calum Macbeth

Beauty is an Inside Out job

Now I know I bang on about it, but we should all know by now that TRUE BEAUTY comes from within. You can’t limit your beauty routine to just products and treatments alone and it’s time we celebrate food as the true hero that it is – our most powerful beauty tool.

“Real, beautiful results come from ordinary, everyday actions that have the power to affect a dramatic overall change in the way you look and feel.”

I continually hear from women just how important their skin is to them and understandably too – it is our first impression everywhere we go. So many of my clients are willing to fork out hundreds on skincare and makeup, plus book their weekly facial treat, yet when it comes to food, they don’t want to make vital changes. But, I just wanna say something huge here, there is no point spending money on skincare if you don’t have your nutrition in check.

Beauty nutrition is of course, the foods and nutrients that directly support and enhance our beauty by defending, repairing and strengthening it. It is honestly one of your biggest tools when it comes to glowing skin. We have to look inside ourselves for the answers to our own beauty. When we look towards nutrition and natural beauty we can start to employ tools that are neither exclusive or expensive and we can literally watch as our skin transforms from painfully blemished and inflamed to calm, clear, healthy and glowing skin.

So if you are what you eat and it is so important for radiance, then what should you be eating for that radiant glow?

Becky Crisp - Well + Happy - Guide to Natural Beauty
Photography: Calum Macbeth

Ingredients to help you GLOW include:

Antioxidants: These powerhouse beauty nutrients help to prevent that free – radical damage that threaten your natural glow. Get more of these from pure cacao, blueberries, cinnamon and heaps of other delicious foods and spices. Check out the highest rated foods on the ORAC values measurements.

Minerals: Elements such as magnesium, iron and sodium that are essential for our beauties healthy function. Think dark leafy greens, beans, pulses and legumes.

Vitamins: The famous A, C and E are essential for healthy skin. Tropical fruits, leafy greens, seeds, nuts and pulses are all loaded with these vitamins.

Fats & Oil: Help to nourish, repair and rehydrate the skin. Nuts, seeds, oils, avocadoes and everyones favourite hummus!

“One my favourite things about natural and organic skincare is that most of the ingredients that are applied topically, are things you would be putting inside your body internally as well for that GLOW. It’s true skin nutrition”

And just incase I haven’t convinced you yet that natural beauty is awesome, then I have a few more facts to share…

Natural beauty guide - Well + Happy
Photography: Calum Macbeth

A few final facts on why Natural Beauty ROCKS:

Who isn’t striving for the greatest health and wellness, it’s our most valuable asset. If you really want to glow from the INSIDE then you need to be mindful of what you’re putting on the OUTSIDE too. You’ll be supporting eco friendly, sustainable, healthy companies and helping to kick some shocking practises…


Horrifyingly, there are still many large cosmetic companies that partake in the inhumane practice of animal testing. Would you still happily lather on your moisturiser or pout with your lipstick, if you knew it was causing injury and harm to fluffy bunny rabbits?



By choosing natural products we’re reducing harmful residue disposal into our waterways and landfill. It also means less demand for the production of toxic chemicals, which in turn means less circulation of toxins into our ecosystem. Leading the way towards cleaner air and water, might be a work in progress, but if we all contribute, we’ll pave the way towards healthier, happier bodies.


Natural beauty and skincare don’t just help the environment and prevent animal cruelty, but it truly helps you glow. Full of incredible vitamins, minerals and nutrients, natural beauty really does feed your skin.

In my final guide to natural beauty feature – Part 4, coming next week, I’m going to be sharing with you ​my ultimate skincare regime – what to use and how to use it… and even a DIY facial oil recipe!

Chelsea Parsons

Chelsea Parsons is the passionate founder of Well + Happy. A trained Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner and Performance Coach; Chelsea helps to inspire and educate people to live more abundant lives through high vibes, happy food and a more conscious way of living.

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